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Orion Spring celebrates the very best of health topics and global wellbeing trends, publishing books that make life brighter.

Just as the season promises and delivers so much joy, Orion Spring helps and inspires people from all walks of life to feel happier and more confident; helping them to make better, well-informed decisions about managing their health and wellbeing.

Launched in 2016 and headed by publisher Amanda Harris, the list incorporates a beautiful selection of books by celebrity role models, world-renowned medical experts, healthcare professionals, leading scientists and wellbeing ambassadors who all encourage our readers to make positive changes for themselves as individuals and for the world around us.

We identify the latest global health and wellbeing trends and publish books that can be translated in all languages. Never preaching, always informing, these books are for everyone everywhere - for life.

Discover more about Orion Spring, our authors & their beautiful books by visiting www.orionbooks.co.uk and follow us on Instagram & Twitter for all our latest news!

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